Monday, April 19, 2010

Ordinary National Educational Test [ o-net ] 2010

I read article on o-net scores of Thai students. It said the averages of o-net scores of Mathayom-six students are decreasing. It is lower than last year. Some subject like Social, English, or Art, the average scores are lower than 40 of 100 because the form of the test was changed to be more difficult. This year when o-net scores were announced, it hasn’t show the average score of all students who do the test because it was very low and they afraid that many parents and students will protest the o-net organization. Many parents are very concern about the score because it’s very important for the Admission.

I think this article is correct about the score decreasing because the organization that creates the test has adjusted the test form to be more difficult. And I think if the test is too difficult for the students, it can’t evaluate the student for the wise. It’s measured by the fate of each student. I am one of the students who have tested the new o-net. And I know that some subject is too difficult for the student. Ordinary National Education Test (o-net), it is the fundamental test for all students all curriculums. It should not be too difficult. The organization that creates the o-net should adjust to the simple one.


  1. I really like this post. It shows good understanding of the mess that the educational bureaucracy is in in Thailand. Good job!

  2. I beg to disagree with you guys. I believe that an examination such as the ONET is always constructed using the standard test form. This is a test that measures the extent of learning the students acquired from school. It covers topics which should have been mastered and understood by the students in the entire duration of their stay in school. I also believe that the school administrators and teachers are always doing their best to give the students ample preparations for this ONET by enriching their curricula and by using the same format of test questions in their own periodical evaluation. The main problem here lies in the attitude of the students while in school and in taking the test. If only the students won't waste time in school by ignoring lessons facilitated in the classrooms, by simply copying the answers of their classmates (there are a few who really give enough consideration to their studies) and by relying much on the kindness of their teachers (my teacher will surely give me a passing score even if I don't pay much attention to my studies),then everybody would surely have the competencies and proficiencies expected of them before they actually take the ONET. Surely, there will be no problem and passing the ONET would be as easy as 123 and as abc.